Union of National Business Ratings takes privacy issues seriously and considers the preservation of your personal confidential information to be a prerequisite for all activities.
While providing services to our clients, we collect and store their personal data. That is why we want to acquaint you with the privacy policy, which will also be applied to you if you decide to use or already use the services of our company.
Collection and use of personal information
In order to provide rating and/or information services, it is necessary to obtain data from you that will be used only for administrative, legal purposes or those related to the provision of services. By filling out the rating check request form on the site, the User agrees to receive an email message about the rating results, informational e-mails and promotional messages. If the User does not want to receive any mailing from this site, he can always unsubscribe from it without authorization by going to the site using the link in the body of the letter.
Subjects of the privacy policy
The proposed Privacy Policy defines the obligations of the Union of National Business Ratings for non-disclosure and provision of a regime for protecting the confidentiality of personal data provided by the User at the request of the company. If you fill out a form on the site, the data will include the following information:
· The name of the organization in which you work;
· Personal data of the user: name, e-mail address, phone number.
Transfer of personal information to third parties
Union of National Business Ratings takes all necessary measures to maintain a high level of security of your personal data. The managers and employees of the UNBR responsible for information security, officials and/or representatives (of the user) undertake to maintain complete confidentiality of your personal information and disclose it to third parties in accordance with applicable law.
We inform you that we may disclose personal data: name, postal address, e-mail, etc., to third parties authorized by the Union of National Business Ratings, on the basis of the contractual relations established with them in order to fulfil all direct and/or indirect obligations relating to the provision of our services to you. We guarantee that all persons named in this message adhere to the specified policy and also take all necessary measures to protect your privacy.